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Cedar Wood Rocking Armchair

Cedar Wood Rocking Armchair

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Relax in your patio, deck or porch with the ergonomic rocking chair. Crafted from fine wood for elegance and durability, the rocking chair brings an unique classic style to any living space and helps relax with the gentle rocking motion. Its sturdy construction with curved seat ensures durable rocking comfort. An ideal to your backyards, gardens, balconies, poolside and more.


  • Its classic style adds a charming atmosphere to most living spaces
  • Crafted from durable fine wood, the rocking chair can help reduce your fatigue with the gentle rocking motion
  • The slatted seat with high backrest and curved armrests provide added rocking comfort
  • The sturdy construction with well-designed wooden frame helps support weights up to 110 kg
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